Our smoked salts are a truly unique experience. We start out by using only the finest and purest of salts from all over the world. Our salts are then smoked for 16 hours uninterrupted.


Himalayan Salts

One of the hottest cooking trends currently are Himalayan salts. Mined from the Punjab region of Pakistan, it has become ubiquitous with good health and is often presented as a healthier option than regular table salt. While we cannot speak to the specific claims that Himalayan salt is anymore healthy than table salt, we can say that the unique pinky/red coloring of the salt mixed with our smoking, provides a wonderful product to both look at and taste.


Mediterranean Sea Salt

As you may guess, Mediterranean Sea salt comes from the Mediterranean. Unlike Himalayan salts that are mined, water is evaporated to produce Mediterranean Sea Salt. Prior to us smoking the salt, it appears perfectly white much like your average table salt however once smoked it turns a dark amber brown color.


Celtic Sea Salt

If you guessed that Mediterranean Sea Salt came from the Mediterranean, you probably already know that Celtic Sea Salt comes from the Celtic Sea. Celtic Sea Salt appears a whitish gray prior to smoking primarily because of the clay deposits found around the salt flats where the salt is harvested. Like Himalayan Salt, Celtic Sea Salt is packaged with trace minerals that supposedly provide health benefits.


Smoked Salts are a unique and exciting way to add extra flavor to a dish. You can view our smoked salt uses for ideas on how to use your smoked salts.